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Menard Authent Cream

Menard Authent Cream

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The birth of skin that is pure bliss. A dramatic sensation from the moment it is applied on the skin. AUTHENT CREAM is a cream that can singularly provide a comprehensive approach to skin that becomes problematic with age. It interacts deeply to make skin look youthful.   INGREDIENTS [ Moisturizing Ingredients ]  Sweet cherry seed extract *1, Boat sterculia seed extract *2, Purple barley seed extract *3 *1: Prunus avium seed extract *2: Sterculia scaphigera seed extract *3: Hordeum vulgare seed extract [ Smooth performance emulsion ] Smooth performance emulsion is a technology for emulsifying a smooth oil with high skin moisturizing effects, which uses, among other ingredients, an ingredient similar to the cell membrane of skin cells that has superb moisturizing effects, and a plant-based ingredient. The result is a comfortably textured, smooth cream that feels like it is gently melting into your skin. * The ingredient similar to skin cell membrane is hydrogenated lecithin, and the plant-based ingredient is PEG-25 Phytostanol


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