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 Lip Matte

Lip Matte

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  • Dear Leya: Dear Beauties, Is it weird to say that i love travelling? I love the smell of new city, let my mind wonder and wonder. Eating and trying different stuffs. What troubles can life bring to me seriously? Xoxo, Leya.
  • Dear Anna: Dear Beauties, How long are you going to keep staring at him? You can do it, dont be shy. Together with me, we are gonna win his heart. Lets go girlfriend! Xoxo. Anna.
  • Dear Julie: Dear Beauties, I'm your perfect companion to your girlfriend's afternoon tea party, baby shower, weddings. Yup, I agree every girl is a sweety pie. Xoxo, Julie.
  • Dear Maya: Dear Beauties, I think every girl has their own dirty little secret, dont you think? My life is full of mystery, that I would never tell the world. And thats why they say, never judge a book by its cover. Xoxo, Maya.
  • Dear Jenny: Dear Beauties, Why try to fit in? We are born as one of kind. I would rather people call me weird than normal, because normal is boring. Xoxo, Jenny
  • Dear Kiki: Dear Beauties, Time is money. Work is my number one priorities. My mama told me to be an independent businesswoman, never rely on others. Xoxo, Kiki.
  • Dear Ella: Dear Beauties, They say confident women are very attractive. Believe in yourself, put me on, you're ready to rule the world. You go girlfriend!! Xoxo, Ella.
  • Dear Jessica : Dear Beauties, Their sweet talks will never win me over. Because i know to play a lovegame better than them. Watch out boys, I’m a game changer. Xoxo, Jessica.


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